Issues installing OpenCV

“opencv4nodejs module is required to use OpenCV features (…)”

I’m having trouble using findElementByImage() because as you may know, you need to install opencv first, which I’ve already done, just not the right way I guess.
I’ve tried installing it through the command line using the commands provided by the guide in, I’ve tried linking the opencv module folder into my appium modules folder, tried manually installing opencv in eclipse IDE, …, yet nothing seems to work since I’m always getting the same annoying error.
Can anyone here give me a hand, please?

Not needed any more. Appium install openCV itself. (WRONG! see comment below)

Then why is it throwing that error?

What is your Appium server version?

Ps looks like i was wrong! Did not use it long.

Try see trough comments here

I’m using the latest Appium Desktop version for Windows.