Issues with Appium 1.3.1+Xcode 6.1

When u guys will support Appium+Xcode 6.1 for iOS 8.1 ?? Not able to run application on Simulator or Device properly. On Simulator, appium doesn’t identify some elements, some popup windows and fails the test. This works fine with old Appium +Xcode 5.1 . iOS 8.1 Simulator is really works slow with appium 1.3.1 as compared to old Appium. For iOS 8.1 iphone5s , app crashes after launching. I posted so many times but not getting any new updates for Appium.

Please Support Appium Guys. Don’t left us in this situation, try to give some tentative time when these issues will be resolved.Try to understand our situation.

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There is one more issue with xcode 6.1 . Now xcode 6.1 does not have 7.1 simulator sdk . So i copied it from 5.1.1 and 7.1 simulator works fine now when i run it through xcode 6.1 . However appium behaves as if it was still not installed . Please help.