Issues with Scroll feature

Forgive me if this is answered somewhere but I cannot find a solution to my problem.
I am new to appium so forgive me if obvious solution :slight_smile: .

I am writing my scripts in Eclipse, and using:


Appium: 2.0.0-beta.66

In my scripts, i need/want to scroll to certain items so they become visible.

I use the same code in two places (except looking for different text) - but only works for one.

driver.findElement(AppiumBy.androidUIAutomator(“new UiScrollable(new UiSelector()).scrollIntoView(text(“Text Here”));”));

The one that works is scrolling on a List of clickable items.
The other, I am trying to scroll to a piece of text on screen(not clickable)

My script fails when trying process the line trying scroll to text(saying it cannot find element)

Is the code being used correct to scroll to non-clickable piece of text?
Does appium support this action? Is there a different way of achieving this?

Would any special characters (e.g. &) in the text affect it being found?

If any other information is needed - please let me know