Iwd does not work with xcode 7.1.1

appium ver.: 1.4.16
xcode 7.1.1

Even after usnig patch xcode_iwd.sh still in console there is information that xcode 7 does not support iwd and tests run very slow.

info: On xcode 7.0, instruments-without-delay does not work, skippinginstruments-without-delay

On last verion on GUI version (1.4.13) even afer usnig patch there is still different path:

`info: [debug] And extra without-delay env: {“DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES”:"/Applications/Appium.app/Contents/Resources/node_modules/appium/submodules/appium-instruments/thirdparty/iwd7/InstrumentsShim.dylib",“LIB_PATH”:"/Applications/Appium.app/Contents/Resources/node_modules/appium/submodules/appium-instruments/thirdparty/iwd7"}

Could you help me how i should set appium to works proper with xcode 7.1.1