Java 8.3.0 is not compatible with selenium 4.8.2

selenium java version 4.8.2 was released few hours ago and appium java-client 8.3.0 cannot invoke appium server programmatically(manually it works well). I get SurefireExecutionException: Exception in provider error when executing the test and I can see in the logs that appium server wasn’t able to launch.

I use java-client 8.3.0, appium2 latest version, maven, testng and surefire-plugin setup.

Is there any time estimation for a compatible java-client version? or maybe a workaround for meanwhile?


Have you filed a bug on this?

In my experience the Java Client people will respond there a lot quicker.

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will do, thanks @wreed

A workaround if someone else encounters the same issue as well.