Java client 3.1.0 released

Just a minor release, to fix a specific bug that a user was having :smile:


  • Page-object findBy strategies are now aware of which driver (iOS or Android) you are using. For more details see the Pull Request:
  • Added a new annotation: WithTimeout. This annotation allows one to specify a specific timeout for finding an element which overrides the drivers default timeout. For more info see:
  • If somebody desires to use their own Webdriver implementation then it has to implement HasCapabilities.
  • Corrected an uninformative Exception message.


Is this jar released in maven repo. If yes kindly provide the link of maven repo. In maven repo still 2.2 is latest version.

Amit Jain

I searched Maven for “appium” and got all these versions of java-client:|gav|1|g%3A"io.appium"%20AND%20a%3A"java-client"

So yes, it should be on Maven.

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