Java-client 4.1.0 released

Hi guys!
Java-client version 4.1.0 has been released.

Change list:

  • all code marked @Deprecated was removed.

  • getSessionDetails() was added. Thanks to @saikrishna321 for the contribution.

  • FIX #362, #220, #323. Details read there: #413

  • FIX #392. Thanks to @truebit for the bug report.

  • The dependency on cglib was replaced by the dependency on cglib-nodep. FIX #418

  • The casting to the weaker interface HasIdentity instead of class RemoteWebElement was added. It is the internal refactoring of the TouchAction. #432. Thanks to @asolntsev for the contribution.

  • The setValue method was moved to MobileElement. It works against text input elements on Android.

  • The dependency on org.springframework spring-context v4.3.2.RELEASE was added

  • The dependency on org.aspectj aspectjweaver v1.8.9 was added

  • ENHANCEMENT: The alternative event firing engine. The feature request: #242.
    Implementation: #437. Also new WIKI chapter was added.

  • ENHANCEMENT: Convenient access to specific commands for each supported mobile OS. Details: #445

  • dependencies and plugins were updated

  • ENHANCEMENT: YouiEngineDriver was added. Details: appium server #6215, #429, #448. It is just the draft of the new solution that is going to be extended further. Please stay tuned. There are many interesting things are coming up. Thanks to You I Engine team for the contribution.


We want to go ahead. It is possible that the next version is 5.0.0. The general plan:

  • To make AppiumDriver the non-abstract class;

  • to make it use any mobile-specific search engine which extends MobileBy

  • to unbind some gesture methods from AppiumDriver and subclasses;

  • to make gestures atomized and robust

  • to migrate source code to JDK 8 (9?)

  • to migrate the building to gradle.


just great. migrated without any issue with 10-15% Android tests speedup (iOS same speed).

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Great to hear. There are more awesome cool stuffs coming soon as well in 5.0.

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where can i find all the dependencies on this? i tried upgrading my grails project and it crashed it.

Im not sure what this error means if anyone can take a look.
4.0.0 works just fine tho
only thing i can think of that would matter is im jusing java 7

Hi. It seems your project has another dependency on Spring. And that dependency is much older than the version which we use. This older dependency has not contain this class

Please chech artefacts which your project depends on. When you find some Spring artefact v < 4.3.2 please remove it from your dependency declaration or add it to exclusion.

This situation looks like common dependency conflict generally.

PS: Sometimes I hate Java.

Thanks for the info, now im a little new on excluding things from a grails project,

  1. how do i word that exclude like
    {excludes 'spring-core'}

I have found few links


I hope this info will help you

I’m closing this topic because 4.1.1 has been released.