Java-client 6.0.0 - Screen recording (iOS/Android)


Hi there,
I implemented new Screen recording option in my automation project, but I’m facing a problem, that the maximum length of video recorded is 10min.

Can somebody explain me why is that?

As I believe, video recording purpose is that when your test fails, you can see the flow of a test and the most important part is usually at the end of the test (where the test failed). So if your test is long 14min and your test fails at minute 12, you will not be able to see exactly what happened and the purpose if recording is none.

Is there a way to record a video and save last 10min of the video of the video is longer than 10min? Or even only last 1-2 min of the test…?
I want to know how you guys use recording or how you implemented it? Do you find this feature useful and how could it be improved?


Android tool itself is limiting the maximum stream length (perhaps to avoid out of space issues on the internal sdcard). Although, you can always restart the process in background each 3 minutes, so there will be several resulting movies, which can be then joined into a single video if needed.