Java client setLocation iOS 8 vs. iOS 7

It seems I’m unable to successfully spoof the simulator location with setLocation() on iOS 8. This works reliably on iOS 7.1.

I’m still on java client 1.6.2 (and on Appium 1.3.1), and have plans to upgrade to java client 2.0. Do the versions of the java client relate at all to versions of iOS or Android? I don’t see anything in the release notes indicating such. Can I expect that if I update my dependency to 2.0 that I’ll regain this lost functionality in iOS 8?

I went ahead and updated to java client 2.0 using IOSDriver.

Whether using 2.0’s IOSDriver or the earlier AppiumDriver, setLocation() works for my tests on iOS7.1 XCode 5.1 and it fails on iOS 8, XCode 6.

Is anyone else having problems with location on iOS 8?

I am also facing the same issue… unable to set the location of the ios simulator using setLocation() method of IOSDriver… i am using appium 1.4.8 and xcode 6.4 and 8.4 simulator…