Javadoc references missing CreatesSwipeAction interface

Hello guys,

I have recently updated to java-client 5.0, beta 8, and I started seeing warnings about SwipeElementDirection being deprecated.
When I looked through classes and methods providing swipe functionality, I could see all of them were marked as @Deprecated.

In TouchableElement I saw the following:
> @Deprecated

 * This method is deprecated and it is going to be removed.
 * Please use the {@link CreatesSwipeAction#swipe(WebElement, SwipeElementDirection, int, int, int)}
 * instead.
void swipe(SwipeElementDirection direction, int offsetFromStartBorder, int offsetFromEndBorder,
           int duration) throws IllegalCoordinatesException;

but there is no interface CreatesSwipeAction, at least not in your github repo or in javadocs. It only shows up in 1 commit: #456 FIX #454 FIX: New CreatesSwipeAction API · appium/java-client@34a718b · GitHub

Should we expect any replacement for Swipe, a renovation of this interface maybe, or is it just combination of press-moveTo-release now?

i think it will be combination of press-move-wait-release:- Java-client 5.0.0-BETA1 released

Then the JavaDoc should be cleaned up in order not to mislead the users.

Yeah, javadoc seems to be abandoned. Another example of deprecated (but not deprecated in javadoc) is findElementByName()