Javascript coord tap

I am completely new to this so pardon any trivial questions.

I am trying to use the ‘tap’ command using x/y coords.
Can some one give me an example in js, and do i need to download a library?

Sorry for the stupid question but I’m very lost.

May be below code help you!!

JavascriptExecutor js = (JavascriptExecutor) driver;
HashMap String, Double> tapObject = new HashMap String, Double>();
tapObject.put(“x”, x);
tapObject.put(“y”, y);
tapObject.put(“duration”, 0.0);

	js.executeScript("mobile: tap", tapObject);

that is Java not javaScript?

Hi Jsbloo, Were you able to figure out a javascript solution for tap in Android?

I have tried various ways to invoke a tap action in javascript on Android chrome browser. But none of them have worked for me.

  • driver.elementByCssSelector(‘selector’).click()
  • driver.tap(element)
  • driver.moveTo(element).click()
  • driver.execute(‘mobile: tap’, [options])

For my test, on tap of a deeplink in Android chrome browser, it should navigate to a native app.

Thanks in advance,