Jetpack Compose view elements is not visible in the appium Inspector?

If I work on jetpack compose view elements for few pages I can see element locators and for few other pages I am not able to see the locators in the appium inspector.

I assume you are talking about Jetpack Compose? Hard to say what the issue is with this amount of information. But for compose elements the developers must put a Test tag on each element for the id to be visible through UIAutomator2. They also need to set testTagAsResourceId for all elements that are visible.

Jetpack compose with uiautomator

  1. added semantics { testTagsAsResourceId = true } for parent widget
    still compose view is not showing in UI automation (screen is blank no id is visible)
  2. Text(
    modifier = Modifier.semantics { this.contentDescription = “btn_update” },
    text = buttonText,
    fontFamily = inter_regular,
    fontSize = 14.sp,
    textAlign = TextAlign.Center,
    color = if (isButtonEnabled) ComposeColor.White else ComposeColor.disableTextColor,
    added content description in Text widget but still screen is showing blank while UI automation
    but this sollution is working in other fragments. Can you suggest any other idea?

I’m no Jetpack compose developer, but I believe you have to set Modifier.testTag on the Text widget as shown in the link above.