Job Offered - Appium Guru Needed by App

We are seeking someone to help us program, implement and test with Appium.

We are developing a Smart Phone App, it is a 2 month Gig with a little pay and chance to join the team and earn stock. Pay is not a lot to start but a ground floor.

You must be great at testing, making the Appirum environment and banging the hell out of our software on Android, IOS and Web.

You looking for a start-up to become part of? get in on a ground floor and help build something helpful for people? this is the chance. Stop Consulting and Start owning!

This job can be totally done while you have other projects and can work from home, but have the time to bang out something great now in the first two months and help for the following months when you can with testing.

If you have a few devices to test on also that is great.

Please reply with short intro, background and your current situation.

We are NOT looking for a firm or outsourcing. Current position is for an individual consultant who is a Appium / Q&A / Software testing guru.

Help us develop this App and become part of the team.

Please reply with information to [email protected]

NO consulting firms please