JS: how to call driver.getContexts()

I’m using Appium + Cucumber to run end-to-end tests for a React Native app on Android.
I would like to quantify the achieved code coverage but don’t seem to find any resources on the web for this tool combination.
While I know how to instrument the code with Istanbul, and do see the resulting global __coverage__ object in the remote debugger, I don’t find a good way of retrieving that object at the end of the tests.

I found the documentation and some posts on this forum about switching between the native and webview context [1], [2] and hope that this would allow me (together with a call to execute) to retrieve the coverage results.

But I cannot find a sample for how to get (or set up) a reference to the driver instance. I created a wdio service and tried something like
const driver = AppiumDriver.driverForSession(browser.sessionId);
but the result is undefined.

Can someone please point me into the right direction?

Thank you


[1] https://appium.io/docs/en/commands/context/set-context/
[2] How to Switch between webContext and native context before the method

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@darabi Did you get any break through on this issue? our team also requires the similar requirement