KDE using Appium for their GUI tests

Just read a blog post by a KDE dev and it turns out they use Appium to test their Linux apps. I don’t know much on driver they use though. Has anyone worked with Appium Linux driver?

This is their test from the blog post: https://invent.kde.org/plasma/kdeplasma-addons/-/merge_requests/291 :tada:

I would like to suggest them a nice test architecture with POM but I never managed a project so huge. I also think that it is now a good idea to start with [email protected] already?

Maybe it is a good time for discussion so the KDE folks can have a solid foundation for their test suite? Please share your ideas.

I like the idea. We are happy to provide all the needed support from our side (such dev topics are usually being discussed in Appium Slack).

Btw, I assume the Linux driver is only compatible to Appium 2. It has never been integrated to Appium 1 (which is EOL anyway).

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