KeyError platformName


I am working on appium with robot framework. I am new to both.
I am seeing the following error, while using clickElement. Seems like this error comes when a locator is identified.

Clicking element ‘xpath=/html/body/ion-app/ng-component/ion-nav/ng-component/ion-content/div[2]/div/ion-row/button’.
FAIL KeyError: ‘platformName’.

Please help.

I use the following.

AppiumLibrary.Open Application http://localhost:4723/wd/hub platformName=Android platformVersion=5.0.2 deviceName=device autoWebview=true newCommandTimeout=300 appPackage=com.ionicframework.leanion485543 appActivity=com.ionicframework.leanion485543.MainActivity

appium version

Were you able to resolve the issue? I’m also running into this error with Robot Framework’s Appium library when trying to interact with an element.