Language is not changed on server start

For some reason, my Android emulator is starting with Spanish language, because I was experimenting with language changes in Appium, but it let me uncover bug:

I am using those capabilities:

[debug] [BaseDriver]    "alwaysMatch": {
[debug] [BaseDriver]     "appium:allowInvisibleElements": true,
[debug] [BaseDriver]     "platformName": "android",
[debug] [BaseDriver]     "appium:app": "<path>",
[debug] [BaseDriver]     "appium:automationName": "UiAutomator2",
[debug] [BaseDriver]     "appium:avd": "Android_11",
[debug] [BaseDriver]     "appium:deviceName": "Android 11",
[debug] [BaseDriver]     "appium:fullReset": false,
[debug] [BaseDriver]     "appium:language": "en",
[debug] [BaseDriver]     "appium:locale": "US",
[debug] [BaseDriver]     "appium:noReset": true,
[debug] [BaseDriver]     "appium:platformVersion": "11"
[debug] [BaseDriver]   },

but language is not changed into English on launch… It is still Spanish…

This seems like bug to me.