Launch contact app of mobile

how can launch ‘contacts’ app?
10x in advance.

Two possible ways.

app_hash = {
    app_package: app_package,
    app_activity: app_activity
appium_driver.start_activity app_hash

Where app_package is the package name and app_activity is the desired activity in the app. See for details

Or, if you are only running locally, you could use a local instantiation of adb to start it up. For example

adb shell am start -a

Once again, see the github link and enjoy parsing android xml if you’ve never done so before.

Great , 10x!!
Do you know how to do it on IOS ?
i want to launch (build in ) Messages app with by bundle id.
how can i do that?


Sorry, I don’t know how to do that on iOS.

On iOS you won’t be able to automate any application which does have development provisioning profile. You can not automate any application which is installed from iTunes store or preinstalled as they all come with distribution provisioning profile.