Launch the appium inspector with appium 1.4.11?

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Recently i updated my xcode version to XC 7 & i had to install appium 1.4.11 in order to run automation with the support of IOS 9 simulators. And its working fine without any issues. My problem is, i still don’t have any solution for run the appium inspector to capture the elements because it’s still support only appium 1.4.8 version & every time its failing with following error that unable to find the device.
Even i tried creating a iPhone simulator manually with the same name of “iPhone (8.4) [8111761F-677F-457A-9301-19F005742DCE]” with same OS (checked the log) & its still failing when its trying to launch the appium inspector. Any idea to solve this issue? Thanks

error: Failed to start an Appium session, err was: Error: Could not find a device to launch. You requested ‘iPhone (8.4 Simulator)’, but the available devices were: [“iPad 2 (8.4) [8D0A4B74-097F-46CF-9F2D-BF21B5126AEA]”,“iPad 2 (9.0) [6DDE12CA-6BFE-4D95-BC83-B53DA7883B20]”,“iPad Air (8.4) [60430DA5-AF3A-4F42-B781-6D8E9D8DCAFD]”,“iPad Air (9.0) [CB0B9956-45BA-4C19-8902-5AA2E92CC941]”,“iPad Air 2 (9.0) [9DA79E57-4F1B-4774-B29D-6B8D4DC168A8]”,“iPad Retina (8.4) [32047EB1-9451-4EA8-B8FD-966E72F52E2C]”,“iPad Retina (9.0) [344AF984-B60B-4A7F-90F8-8D90C2FCD24D]”,“iPhone (8.4) [8111761F-677F-457A-9301-19F005742DCE]”,“iPhone 4s (8.4) [4075EC27-6FD7-4980-90BE-0840A3FF64FB]”,“iPhone 4s (9.0) [8CDB227B-63A3-41A8-8DCC-464D09F8863A]”,“iPhone 5 (8.4) [26CB3A31-F0E3-4365-8CC6-78FD30B1C065]”,“iPhone 5 (9.0) [AC85B61F-E8B3-4142-9212-5663DEC0F874]”,“iPhone 5s (8.4) [63038251-267E-42E2-BBE2-9695E3E957D9]”,“iPhone 5s (9.0) [EF3D762F-CBF8-48E5-A1DD-446D946E9327]”,“iPhone 6 (8.4) [503E5251-DF09-4DB6-9CCE-424B76BD6C13]”,“iPhone 6 (9.0) [E8715924-870B-4F7F-8E3F-4D8B59299087]”,“iPhone 6 (9.0) + Apple Watch - 38mm (2.0) [52689656-DC8F-4B53-B708-8B82A172F109]”,“iPhone 6 Plus (8.4) [9C12FBC8-A7FB-4883-BCB6-44786D4D940F]”,“iPhone 6 Plus (9.0) [31BADBF8-8CCE-4D8E-B1B7-8AEE33F18204]”,“iPhone 6 Plus (9.0) + Apple Watch - 42mm (2.0) [D38859A8-6E03-499B-AF64-F7B0E46D2662]”,“iPhone 6s (9.0) [06C73EDC-878F-453D-ADF3-8573852EE85F]”,“iPhone 6s Plus (9.0) [D37D60DB-B3E9-455B-AFA3-B5C9833B82E5]”]

Appium Desktop Apps have not updated

So does that mean there is no way to find the elements with new appium 1.4.11 using appium inspector ?

Follow the steps to use Appium GUI to point 1.4.11 or 1.4.12 to use the inspector.

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The app doesn’t care what version of Appium you are running. If you start Appium through node, for example, and set a breakpoint in your scripts, you can open up the Appium app on OS X and click ‘Inspector’ and it will work just fine. Just don’t try to start Appium from that app.

yay it works… thanks a lot ! :smiley: