Launching Android App with Espresso Driver causes UI not to be displayed

I am working with the latest beta for Appium 2.0 as I need to support Jetpack Compose. When I launch the app with UIAutomater2 driver it works fine. However when I use Espresso driver (required for Jetpack Compose) the app launches and I get a blank screen. Strangely, if I subsequently launch the app direct from the device the screen is still blank (even though this worked fine before launching with espresso driver). It seems as if espresso causes some state to be changed in the apk file or the device, causing subsequent launches to fail even if espresso is not used.

Has anyone experienced anything similar and understand what might be going on?

Espresso does modify the app package by resigning it and merging with espresso server. This might affect affect app functionality depending on which technologies it uses and how it is packaged. Check the logcat output carefully to see what your app complains to

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