Launching Appium in Ubuntu using JAVA


Can someone help me find the path of Appium.js file in Ubuntu? I need to launch Appium using JAVA for which I need the path of Appium.js file.

I have installed Appium in Ubuntu and it runs properly via Terminal using command ‘Appium’.

which version of appium are u using? if its >=1.5, then you need to launch Main.js file. which will be located at your

Hope this helps.

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@Priyank_Shah has provided the exact path however for any future issues,
Run below command in the expected directory
find <dir_path> -name appium.js
find ~/.linuxbrew/lib/node_modules/appium -name appium.js

You can run to check the whole disk
find / -name appium.js

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Thanks mate!

I am using version 1.4 and found appium.js file at below location: