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I am starting my carer as a Automation Test Engineer and I have no clue about Selenium and Appium. It could be really great if someone suggests me how to start and where to start from? I am well versed with core Java

Selenium is a project created for automating web browsers, although nowadays it’s used for automating more than just web browsers. You can use automation for most things on the web (such as automating administrative tasks that involve lots of digital paperwork, or doing something silly), but the top usage for automation tools is to run tests on the web.

To start with automation, I’d recommend learning about the Selenium WebDriver APIs first, since Appium implements most of the WebDriver API. For this, all you need are a modern browser (preferably Firefox 47.0.1) and the JDK set up. Optional, but recommended, tools to have are a good IDE (use your favorite if you have one), and either Gradle or Maven. You should create a project that will launch create a Firefox session, navigate to your favorite site, and perform some arbitrary click and type actions. This will give you a good stepping stone to knowing the APIs. I wouldn’t spend more than 1-2 days on this step.

Thanks a lot, Could you please suggest me some blogs or videos resources where the working of various classes of Selenium WebDriver are explained and any source that could teach Appium.

I can’t do so, since I learned how to use Selenium and Appium through trial-and-error. The best resources are usually the official Selenium website and Appium website.


As @afwang said, it is recommended to learn selenium first and then appium.
for basic selenium exercises, you can refer to these websites along with selenium official website.
ToolsQA selenium, SeleniumEasy (Follow posts from starting), Guru99.

Once you are done, then you can try with Guru99 Live projects for hands on practice.

you can find appium materials as well on above mentioned websites.

Hope this will help.


Thank you Ravi for valuable information. Can you please share the resources for learning Appium also ?

you will get appium stuffs as well on same mentioned websites. Just Check.

@ravikr42 Thanks a lot ravi

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Hi @pavanbachu, I hope below links will help to start your first test in Appium.


@Uma: Thank you for responding

Even you can follow Appium automation for basic to some advance level.

I’ve captured my last 2 years of learnings ( still keep it upto date with new info )