Limited mobile commands for android as compared to iOS

Hello team,
I have a concern about the appium mobile commands.
For android I only have these commands – Only shell,scrollBackTo,viewportScreenshot,deepLink,startLogsBroadcast,stopLogsBroadcast,acceptAlert,dismissAlert,batteryInfo,deviceInfo,changePermissions,getPermissions,performEditorAction,startScreenStreaming,stopScreenStreaming,getNotifications,listSms,type commands are supported.
For iOS I have these many commands – Only tap, scroll, selectPickerWheelValue, swipe, pinch, doubleTap, twoFingerTap, tapWithNumberOfTaps, touchAndHold, dragFromToForDuration, rotateElement, alert, setPasteboard, getPasteboard, source, getContexts, installApp, isAppInstalled, removeApp, launchApp, terminateApp, queryAppState, activateApp, viewportScreenshot, viewportRect, startPerfRecord, stopPerfRecord, installCertificate, startLogsBroadcast, stopLogsBroadcast, batteryInfo, deviceInfo, getDeviceTime, activeAppInfo, deviceScreenInfo, pressButton, enrollBiometric, sendBiometricMatch, isBiometricEnrolled, clearKeychains, getPermission, setPermission, resetPermission, getAppearance, setAppearance, siriCommand, deleteFile, deleteFolder, startAudioRecording, stopAudioRecording, runXCTest, installXCTestBundle, listXCTestBundles, listXCTestsInTestBundle, pushNotification, expectNotification, performIoHidEvent commands are supported.
My concern is that for android I am not getting the simple commands such as scroll and swipe. Can we have these basics one for android as well?
Thank you

It’s difficult to address your question as you don’t provide any evidence for why you believe this.

Maybe go through the famous, “How to ask a good question” from Stack Overflow, and then ask the question in a more informative way:

@wreed My question is that for android we have very limited mobile commands even the scroll is missing but for iOS we have plenty of commands available. So can we the same commands for android as well that we have for iOS.
FYI - I have added all the commands in the main message that are available for android and iOS at my end.
Thank you!

This is only a small set of commands that support using driver execute method. While tons of commands available using any language supported by Appium client e.g. Java-client.

more to read examples -

Ok, you still aren’t asking your question very well, but you would like everything to be restructured so that all commands are in ‘mobile commands’. That would fundamentally change the way Appium works, and would take a lot of effort. From what I see the maintainers of this open source project are stretched pretty thin. Maybe you could contribute and thus have more input in how the project is structured.

I believe some pretty old driver version is used. Have you tried to check the latest one?