Linking to Commercial Products

When you link to a commercial product or service, please fully disclose your connection to the product and explain what you are linking to. We don’t want to discourage companies that have an interest in Appium from participating in the community. In fact, if you have a vested interest in Appium, we would love for you and your company to get more involved and consider contributing to the project.

That said, it’s important for community members to know when information might be guided by financial interest. Posters who link to commercial products in an opaque or misleading way will be treated as spammers and banned from the forum.

Thanks for your interest in Appium. Please let the staff know if you have any questions.


Eric Millin
Software Engineer
Appium contributor and Sauce Labs employee


Hi Eric. I’m working for Philips Healthcare Northamerica on the Care Assist Mobile Team in conjunction with our flagship product PIC iX. This central monitoring product is industry standard from Scandinavia to China. We use Appium for our dedicated automation and it would be great to able to get some support. My email is [email protected] if you need more information.