Links that take user to native app

On our native app we have links that are sent to the user via email (links that might for instance take them to our profile page in the app). There are challenges associated with both generating said emails for my tests and then the extra steps of opening a mail app and getting the info from said email. Instead I was hoping there could be a way to trigger appium to ‘open’ the url that is embedded in the link in the email (ie which would trigger the device to open on the native app and take them to the settings page. I’m not seeing how I can use the driver.get() function do to this though since once I’m in browser and do driver.get(‘’) it’s going to open that link in the browser itself instead of in the native app. Any guidance or suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.

It looks like you need to check deep linking:

Although, Apple provides no reliable way to make this working on real iOS devices, only Simulators. As a workaround nn real devices one could try to add the corresponding links to the Shortcuts app and call them from there like it is described in:

Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction!