ListView Swipe Action

Continuation of ListView Loading Issue

Since swipe action element called MenuItem is part of ListView, we have tried to add the same ListView fix (AutomationProperties.IsInAccessibleTree=“False”) here also. But, it actually not working as we couldn`t see the AccessibilityIdentifier anywhere in that attributes List in Appium tool. Whatever value we have given in Text property only reflects in all attributes such as Name, XPath, Value and Label in Appium.

AutomationId value not reflecting in Appium for this swipe action case.

Code Snippet:

MenuItem x:Name=“menuItem” AutomationId="{Binding Name}" Text="{Binding Name}"

Another problem we are facing in this is,

If ListView has 10 swipe action buttons, we can inspect only one random swipe button in Appium whereas I can inspect all 10 swipe buttons in Accessibility Inspector in XCode.

Is this also the iOS native behavior or do you have any workaround for this either from Xamarin or Appium side