Load/ Stress testing and parallelizing same tests

We have an app, that doesn’t much have a pure Backend API. We had to do load testing say 10,000 request at same time and see at what point our servers crash. Also a fun exercise. We have 10000 user account setup as of now. Each test will pick up an user account and hit via the app launch activity.

  1. Is it possible to spin up few adb devices and parallelize tests say 100, then 200 , then 500(and eventually say 1000) or should we actually spin up 10000 virtual devices?
  2. If we had to spin up 10000 virtual devices, should we go with options like Genymotion or other cloud providers?

We want to really have 10000 requests per second sent from mobile app to Back end server.

Appium is really made to test the UI of an app. What you are talking about is a very different type of testing, and I would be surprised if you didn’t find Appium too cumbersome for this type of thing. I don’t think you will get near 10000 requests per second with Appium.

You don’t give a lot of detail about how your backend works. I’m going to make an educated guess that it is a restful api. This is a great article on restful api testing:


And here is a good list of tools for testing restful apis:


Good luck, and Happy New Year!