Local Appium Lab


I want to create our own Appium lab locally, same as the different cloud testing tools (SauceLabs, Perfecto…).
My question is about the machine specs that can run 4 Appium servers in parallel.
Any idea about resources should I have to run 4 devices and one more Selenium Grid server to handle parallelism?


Hi @Nael_Abd_eljawad

I would say that you should go with a Mac, because you can run tests on iOS and Android using a Mac, but only Android if you are using Windows.

I think a Mac with i5-i7, at least 16GB.

Also, check this post from the forum about running multiple Appium Servers.

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Thanks for sharing above link :slight_smile:

A macmini could definatelly do this, just make sure you have enough RAM in the machine. And make sure you connect the phones via USB, since via IP they will be much slower I noticed.

First try to get this simple setup up and running (nothing parallel yet):

Then I started to look into testing in parallel.
For Android this is a good read/lesson learned: