Location Popup - accept - using - typescript webdriverio "appium:autoGrantPermissions":true not working

How do I set the capability “appium:autoGrantPermissions”: “true” in webdriverio? tried autodismissalert autoaccept alert, but it doesnt seem to work. This is to accept the location popup “While using the app” for android

Using appium version : 2.0.0-beta.53

Don’t use a string, use a boolean:

Thanks for responding @wreed . I did give a boolean, in the actual code. the problem is I am getting an error for the capabilities. Attaching snapshot

Oh, I see. There is no run time error, this is an IDE problem. I wonder what IDE you are using?

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visual studio code
Version: 1.74.2

@wreed it was indeed an IDE problem, works fine with IntelliJ. Great spot :clap: Saved my day

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