Login through SSO and using npm modules in react native project

Hi support Team,
1.Here is my scenario of SSO login,
The user should enter the email id in the login screen, this will take the user to web for login with 2 factor authentication. After this the browser redirects back to the app home screen. Now we are able to give the accessibility labels and automate the login input from the app side but we are not able to handle the redirection from app to the browser and browser to the app. Please provide some solution for the above scenario automation.
2.Also we got stuck in adding Appium to the npm dependencies that we used in the project. Here we are not able to add the accessibility labels to the node modules so please suggest us to use any generic way of automating the third party dependencies.
Please help us to resolve this issue as well.
For now we are tweaking the login flow by adding ’noReset: True’ to the config to run the test cases in local. This will open the app from home screen directly without resetting the login user.(The should be logged in before we run the test cases.)
Can we have something similar to run the sdk in saucelabs, so that we can continue working from home screen until we find some solution for the SSO login.
Because of this we are not able to consider Appium with saucelabs as the testing tool for our project. Please help us to solve this.