Loops in appium elements takes too much time

Hi I’m using appium to find all the elements in screen and for doing that I’m getting all the elements which are child of /UIAApplication/UIAWindow
and then create a loop and get each elements tagName,name,location etc…
However when I do that , for each method I called(such as element.getAttribute(“name”) ) appium makes a http request(Than converts it to javascript to use it on Apple Instruments) and waits for response , so if I have 10 items in a screen it took almost 1 minute to investigate elements in a screen
You can see the code I’m using in below. My question here is , is there anyway to get all elements and related informations from appium once and don’t let appium to make web request for each method that I make on WebElement(such as element.getAttribute)

  List<WebElement> elements = driver.findElementsByXPath("//UIAApplication[1]/UIAWindow[1]/*");
  System.out.println("Elements Size:"+elements.size());
  IOSScreenObjects result= new IOSScreenObjects();
  List<MTOSElement> screenElements  = new ArrayList<MTOSElement>();
  String screenKey="";
  for (int i=0;i<elements.size();i++) {
	  WebElement element = elements.get(i);
	  //System.out.println("Element Tag:"+element.getTagName());
	  //System.out.println("Element Name:"+element.getAttribute("name"));
	  //System.out.println("Element ID:"+((RemoteWebElement) element).getId());
	  //System.out.println("Location: "+element.getLocation());
	  String elementTagName = element.getTagName();
	  String elementLocation = element.getLocation().toString();
	  MTOSElement mtosElement = new MTOSElement(elementTagName,elementLocation,element);
	  screenKey = screenKey+elementTagName+","+elementLocation+",";


You could call appium_driver.get_source and parse the resulting XML, but I don’t believe that will let you obtain the location.

I hadn’t realized this information wasn’t returned to you when you obtained the elements through a call to findElements. Have you timed the calls to getTagName and getLocation to see which of them are the culprit for the delay?