Loss of app session when steering with Appium Inspector


Clicking a specific menu entry within the app (“Sub App”), with Appium Inspector, leads to a session loss of the app (user get logged out).
Is this maybe a known issue? Do the attached logs point to any known bugs maybe?

  • Platform: Android
  • Appium: v1.16.0
  • Emulator: Android Studio 4.1.3 with Pixel 3a XL (API 30_x86)

Thank you for any input.

Appium.txt (14.8 KB) Logcat.txt (2.4 KB)


We have the same problem with the Appium server version 1.20.2.
This topic blocks many of our test cases. We have to somehow solve this problem.

Do you need more information to analyze this problem?
Many Thanks!