Mac2Driver - Identifying Mac Desktop Elements

Hi team,
Using the latest Mac2Driver for automating a Mac Desktop application.

Any pointers on, How to identify a Desktop element (Xpath, ID etc) ?
Can Appium Inspector be used for this purpose ? If not what are the other options available in Mac OS for identification of an Element in Desktop ?


Unfortunately Appium desktop does not support mac2 driver as of yet. Feel free to add such feature there if you have time

Thanks for the input. In the Mac OS version I am using 10.15.7, the UIElementInspector is not working. OS’s gatekeeper is not allowing to open the app even with sudo access.

Hi @nikZ

I need your help brother.
I’m using appium 2.0 and mac2 driver.
I need to do finder and apple configurator automation
can please let me know what capabilities you are using and how to identify elements and locators
which app you are using to inspect elements?

In 2days I have a demo for a client please help