MacBook pro M1 returns blank white screen on iOS 16 simulator

I recently migrated to using the M1 chip, I was using Intel before now. I wrote some test cases, that worked perfectly in the previous Intel MacBook. I wanted to run the same on M1 chips, but to my surprise, it always returns a blank white screen for all testcases. Has anyone experienced this? How was it resolved? Similar issues occur on 14 and higher. It would either show a white screen or display the app’s onboarding UI and get stuck on it.

I tend to think that the fact that it’s an M1 is a bit of a red herring. When I search the web I’m seeing instances of this problem going back to Xcode 5 (example). Lot’s of questions, but few good answers.

It seems like the thing to do is to reinstall Xcode, but before something so drastic, can you tell me:

  1. Can you start the simulator from Xcode and does it work properly?
  2. If above is true, can you install another app and see if it does the same thing? (if you don’t have another app, you can try this)

If you can’t open simulator successfully from Xcode itself I would say reinstall. You’ll probably need to delete the simulator files manually as well, as detailed here.

If, on the other hand, you can open simulator from Xcode and you can also install and use another app, I would report this to developers and see if you are looking at a bug in the app itself.