MacOS with WebAuthenticator

Hi everybody,

I’ve been searching for an answer for my issue for a couple of months and I’m not making any progress. I’m trying to automate a MacOS application, but the login uses Web Authentication. From everything I’ve read, it doesn’t look like this is possible with the Mac2 driver…is that the case?

I need to launch the application and click the login button which opens a web session…here I supply credentials and click the sign-in which returns a token and closes the web session. Then I need to return back to the application for further automation.

It looks like Android has this ability with “context” since it’s a hybrid driver, but this not an available action in the Mac2 driver.

I can’t start a web-driver session to handle authentication because MacOS Application returns the browser window and there is no way to point the web-driver to that browser instance. From what I can tell, the only real solution is to make the Mac2 driver a hybrid driver like Android.

Is this anything that is planned for the future? It seems web authentication is a fairly popular mechanism for a lot of desktop applications.

Has anyone else figured out a work-around?

The hybrid mode is just a convenience feature. You can achieve a similar result by starting a second selenium webdriver session from the client side and connecting to the desired web view (if it allows that). The companion driver instance could be used similar to and depends on which engine your webapp uses.