Matched W3C error code 'unknown command' to UnknownCommandError


I am using dot net client and I used Touch actions and with respect to that my code was working fine until I had the version of Appium server to 2.5.1 and uiAutomator2 version to 2.45.1 and uiAutomatorServer to 6.0.9 but few days back i upgraded uiAutomator2 to 3.1.0 which is latest one and code was not working as expected because touch action classes has deprecated.

Now i again degrade the uiAutomator2 version to 2.45.1, still code is not working as expected which was working earlier. Is any other software also got impacted during upgradation which I need to downgrade too?

Kindly assist

Rather than downgrade your dependencies, why not convert to w3c actions?

Github documentation for dot net client has a migration guide right under the list of depreciated methods:

And here is a guide to using w3c actions that is not dot net specific:

If you insist on downgrading, it is the dot net client that needs a downgrade, not uiautomator2. Good luck!

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