Migrated to Appium 2.x and now it doesn't interact with elements

After migrating from Appium 1.21.0 to Appium 2.0.1 it doesn’t click on any elements in application I want to automate, anyone ran into this issue? Selenium and Appium Java Client versions are visible in the screenshot. Execute-driver and UiAutomator2 also installed latest verions. Xpath found in Appium Inspector but it just doesn’t click on anything. Any clues on what’s going on? Thank you!

Anyone can help please?

I am currently having the same issue, using Appium 2.0/Xunit/C#. My team has tried several solutions, but in the end it seems like the method we created for finding elements does not seem to perform consistently.

Now I’m looking into alternatives to ExpectedConditions class. I know there is a this Appium Wait plugin, but we’re using BrowserStack for cloud testing, and they do not seem to support it.

Question for you - how did you handle your code, when it comes to finding elements, but without the deprecated ExpectedConditions class? How do you handle waits in your code?