Mobile App performance testing

Hi All,

I am new for performance testing. Want to perform load test for mobile App.
As I am looking for free tools or open source, came across for Jmeter.

Here I can see, in Jmeter I can perform HTTP request. In my mobile app there is page which is having API request and sync service.

Not getting how to perform load testing using Jmeter.

I have seen some old post for selenium grid using appium. Can I perform load testing using selenium grid?

Is it possible for creating multiple instance for multiple device running same script. So I can check load test for the page.

Please let me know where I am incorrect, as per my knowledge selenium grid is used for compatibility testing.

You need to properly understand and figure out your exact requirement.
See mobile apps are Clients and server handles its Requests. So basically it is not the client which needs to be tested for performance in high load its server which is going to bare the load. So You have to search for Load performance test of your API Server and yes JMeter is a nice tool to do it.


Thanks Salman,

I have to test 1 page from which the data is fetch from API request and SYNC service,

From API request, it will fetch only 500 records not more than that. As per the number of records the page is working fine.
But from the SYNC service the previous old data keeps on getting fetched and updated, that record accept till 3000.
That’s why thinking to use selenium grid for testing old records using SYNC and adding JSON to fetch new data from API.
I can use here multiple devices for page load. So user can add more data for specific locations.

Let me know if somewhere I am mistaken.