Mobile Automation using Ubuntu

How to run Appium inspector from Ubuntu 20.0?

Instructions seem really clear. Where are you having problems?

download ‘Appium-Inspector-linux-2021.9.1.AppImage’ from the portal. How to install in ubuntu and run the inspector?

Please guide me.

I just did a web search and this tutorial looks pretty good:

Good luck!

Thank you very much. I will try with the doc.

Worked. Thank you very much

A new issue is facing … The Appium Inspector window, the ‘start session’ button is unable to view to click because the window is unable to resize. I tried to resize screen but the button is not visible. I try to reduce the display of the laptop screen. Still this button is not visible. Can anyone help me to proceed?

I would try fractional scaling as a possible workaround:

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Only toggle button present still same issue. scaling not present. any solution

Can i anyone help me to get a solution for my issue?

Even I am facing the same issue. Any one can help me here?