Mobile automation voice to text automation

hey guys,

I need to know how can I automate testing of voice to text feature in my android native app. Can you guys share links to throw some light for this?

I’m assuming you’re working on a real and physical device?

If so I’d have to give the harder and most basic answer that you may have to record a sentence, have appium run the test until it needs to hear the text, then make appium open up a media player and your file and make sure the audio is being heard and then after it’s finished playing check the results against what it should be.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


I need the help on same topic.

I need to automate a scenario where user click on chatbot(mic icon) and speak something and after listening, the chat bot give some reply to user.

So first I need to send a voice command via code to app and then recording the response from app and verify the response.

Is it possible with appium?? with c# or java?

I am looking forward for your reply appium guys. Thanks!

Has anyone been able to do this with Appium? Perhaps by using another service and Appium?

Hi brian_menzies i tried your solution but whenever audio plays through my phone’s speaker google assistant get paused until the audio has stopped playing.

Hi All,

has anyone found solution for this problem.

I need to test an app where on click of mic button we need to pass some message via voice using appium

Need to do that with code.

Hello All,

I also have similar scenario,
I need click on mic icon then speak something and then listening to the response.

  1. Is this scenario possible to automate with appium
  2. Please share how can I automate this scenario

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: