Mobile commands crashing safari webpage

I am having a problem with my automated tests where executing mobile commands with driver.executeScript is crashing the webpage. This also happens with a few other commands, such as performing any TouchAction, and clicking with nativeWebTap turned on.

The first time one of these actions is performed, the webpage will refresh. If another action is performed after that, the page will crash, and show ‘A problem repeatedly occurred’ error.

This started happening after a recent update to the website. I’ve checked all my test cases manually, and there are no issues when I’m not running automation.

If anyone has any ideas about what could be causing this, or knows any workarounds I could use, it would be a big help. This problem has made more than half of my test cases essentially unusable.

Appium Version: 1.22.1
Simulating iOS Devices on Mac OS
Testing a website in safari browser
Tests are written in Java, using java-client 7.60

I want to make sure I’m understanding this correctly. The automation crashes the web server, so the webpage is no longer hosted until you reboot the web server?

Crashed was maybe not the correct word to use. The web server is fine, I get redirected to this page.

The blacked out parts are just the url.

I do some testing like this, so while I don’t know the answer, I’m going to try and give some tips that have helped me:

  1. I always use Safari in ‘private’ mode. This is to avoid caching/cookies/etc.
  2. I use a bookmark on the homescreen to open a ‘neutral’ website that doesn’t have a lot of animation/pop ups/etc. You can find out how to create one of these on this website, look at the last option:

The bookmark also prevents any caching. I use as my static page but you may find one that suits your needs better. I hope this helps.

The safari data is wiped in between each test, so caching shouldn’t be the problem. Thanks for the suggestions though.