Mobile Game Testing using Appium and Image Recognition

Hi there Appium enthusiasts!

I recently wrote a blog post about Appium with real devices and using that combo to test mobile games (I used Clash of Clans as an example) with image recognition features:

Appium seems to be an instrumental choice for all mobile game developers - any thoughts from ecosystem about this? Or any other best practices on this field?


It’s really good to know that Appium can do this. Can you make your post more descriptive or provide a sample on github.

Yes, absolutely. The code needs some cleaning first :slight_smile:

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where does the self.tap_image method come from?

which tool have you used for image recognition? also how did you capture the image?


Here is solution of how to do it.

Hi Denys,

I am working on automation of real IOS device using APPIUM 1.6.2.

I am not not able to find a way to click the image on real IOS device.

Could you please let me know the possible way to do the same?


Have you hosted your sample somewhere? @vvhelppi

Hi Vinodh,
Sorry for late response. How do You try to click on the element? Are You able to find the element?

Hi Dzaiats,

I am able to find the image in the real IOS device using the Sikuli’s finder method.

Thanks for your help!!!