Mobile navigation trouble

I’m trying to create a navigation scheme for automating several test suites for my mobile apps using Appium and Geb. I am trying to accomplish this by utilizing primarily the to(), onUnload() and onLoad() methods of the Page class. I have defined an individual Page for each discrete “page” of my apps. The to() methods for each page define a procedure for navigating to that page and the onUnload() and onLoad() methods define any actions that need to be taken in order to allow navigation to or away from those pages which cannot be defined in the to().

The problem is that Appium can’t seem to find any of the properties in the content block for the page which is the current context when either the onUnload() or onLoad() methods are called. So long as the context is set to the approriate page, I can reference those properties in the test. Though when I try to find it in the Page file for that “page” during navigation, Appium is unable to find them. I’ve checked that the context is correct when either methods are called. Is there something I’m missing or could this be an issue with either Appium or Geb?