Mobile:swipe not working

1.Log in to app and tap on search to get first set[10 rows] of results
2.6 rows are visible and using mobile:scroll i am able to view 4 more rows.
3.Now i want to perform a vertical swipe to retrieve next set[10 rows] of results. But below code doesn’t do anything.

(JavascriptExecutor)wd.executeScript(“mobile: swipe”, new HashMap<String, Double>() {{ put(“touchCount”, 1); put(“startX”, 151); put(“startY”, 536); put(“endX”, 145); put(“endY”, 172); put(“duration”, 1.551172); }});

Is this a bug?

note:I am using xcode 5.1 ,platform version: 7.1,appium-1.3.0 beta