Monkey Testing / unit testing with Appium

Hi guys, I’m a test engineer that currently tests for a product with a mobile app component (both iOS and Android) as well as a server component. I’m a manual tester with focus on the app side of our product, but have been looking to incorporate automation wherever possible, since as our product gets more robust, there’s more and more to test every release.
I’ve used Google’s Firebase testlab in the past for unit testing, and this is a good tool, but has limitations. Mainly, the UI robo test tool it has is for Android only, but we would like a similar tool for iOS. Additionally, the tool is hosted on Google’s own device lab, while we’d like to host tests on our own devices due to various limitations.
We currently also play around with the UI Monkey tool built into android, but again, it’s android only and has too little configuration.
So, my question is, is it possible to create a kind of continuous test where random UI elements are interacted with depending on whichever UI elements are available at the time?
Thank you,

Hi, I’ve been to a conference few weeks ago and a speaker had a presentation about “automated” monkey testing. I’m adding a link with his repo and I hope it will help you.

Thank you! I’ll look into that repo!