Move AppiumDriver focus to the front so I can interact with dropdown options?

I now understand my problem better - so I edit the question:

I don’t face this issue on Android. Only on iOS.

The app is made on React Native. Some sections of the app use a dropdown that when you tap on them, show some options but hide the rest of the app behind a shadow. Something similar to this:

When this happens, the focus of the AppiumDriver remains on the background, so I can’t tap/click on the options or any of the elements that appear on the front. Similar in some way to what happens when you’re using Selenium WebDriver and a new popup appears and you have to change the focus of the driver in order to interact with its elements.

I’ve tried with “getWindowsHandles()” or “getContextHandles()” but it doesn’t work for this scenario.

The only thing that worked to click these options was using X,Y coordinates which is not very optimal, so I’m aiming to find a better solution in which I can interact with these elements setting the AppiumDriver focus on the options.