Multiaction for Android

Hi everyone. I spend a lot of time to try develop multiaction for andoid. The simple test does not work for me and I realy have no idea how to handle it:
TouchAction action1 = new TouchAction(driver);
TouchAction action2 = new TouchAction(driver);
MultiTouchAction multi = new MultiTouchAction(driver);, 368).waitAction(700).moveTo(-630, 0).release();, 368).waitAction(700).moveTo(630, 0).release();

This is a “pinch” functionality. Actions absolutly the same as “swipe” implemented. They work separately, but do not work together. Appium log say that actions performed with success:
info: [debug] [BOOTSTRAP] [debug] Got data from client: {“cmd”:“action”,“action”:“performMultiPointerGesture”,“params”:{“actions”:[[{“action”:“press”,“time”:0.005,“touch”:{“x”:1270,“y”:368}},{“action”:“wait”,“time”:0.705,“touch”:{“ms”:700,“x”:1270,“y”:368}},{“action”:“moveTo”,“time”:0.71,“touch”:{“x”:640,“y”:368}}],[{“action”:“press”,“time”:0.005,“touch”:{“x”:10,“y”:368}},{“action”:“wait”,“time”:0.705,“touch”:{“ms”:700,“x”:10,“y”:368}},{“action”:“moveTo”,“time”:0.71,“touch”:{“x”:640,“y”:368}}]]}}
info: [debug] [BOOTSTRAP] [debug] Got command of type ACTION
info: [debug] [BOOTSTRAP] [debug] Got command action: performMultiPointerGesture
info: [debug] [BOOTSTRAP] [debug] Returning result: {“value”:“OK”,“status”:0}
info: [debug] Responding to client with success: {“status”:0,“value”:“OK”,“sessionId”:“8b5df510-bc47-42ec-aece-b5d3b401aa51”}

but nothing happens. And the same situation when I try to implimented zoom.
Absolutaly the same code works correct for iOS.
Can enyone help me? This may be a bug?