Multiple processes/windows issue

Hey there guys!

First things first, I only have 3 weeks of experience using Appium, so it is VERY possible that I missed something obvious. So, don’t rule anything out.
Tl;dr- The app I am in charge testing MUST have multiple monitor support and therefore is running on different processes and windows. The windows will also interact. As far as I can tell, Appium doesn’t support multiple processes.
My company is in the process of developing a new Windows desktop app and as part of the project requirements there must be at minimum 3 windows up at once across 2 monitors. The main app hub, a document view window, and a notes window. There will be lots of independent interactions across these windows to our backend and cloud servers. But I also need these windows to interact with each other. They also must be 1 program, so we are forced to use different processes.
When I boot up Appium and open my program, if I stay on the first window it works fine. I can even open the other windows both in the inspector as well as with automation code in VSCode (python). It took a little research and trial and error, but I also figured out how to switch windows within an automated test.
However, in the inspector tool, for the life of me, I can’t get it to acknowledge the other windows that are open. I have tried closing that original window to leave the desired window and trying to refresh the inspector with the desired window open and the original window closed, and I get the loading icon infinitely.
I have done a few hours of research into the problem and I can’t seem to find anything like this and the only thing that seemed remotely similar was a fellow running into an issue with IOS and he solved it by reworking the code to the program he was developing. This is not an option for my team and me.
I need either: help using the inspector because I missed something, to report a bug, or request a new feature.
Can anyone help me out?
Thanks for your time!