My app hang in appium inspector/emulator after tap on sign in button

when i start new session in appium inspector, the app installed and started successfully. but later after i tap on the login button, the app stuck. what should i do. i have change emulator, restart server and also change android version few time. but the issue is still there.

please help!

when i click the sign in with sso:

the app stuck here:

server remain in this state after tap sign in with sso button:
[debug] [AndroidUiautomator2Driver@a31b (85167d03)] Calling AppiumDriver.getTimeouts() with args: [“85167d03-7f3e-4ea6-9537-0d4df423a773”]
[debug] [AndroidUiautomator2Driver@a31b (85167d03)] Responding to client with driver.getTimeouts() result: {“command”:3600000,“implicit”:0}
[HTTP] <-- GET /session/85167d03-7f3e-4ea6-9537-0d4df423a773/timeouts 304 4 ms - -