My first project using Appium with WinAppDriver for desktop application

I have started to build my Appium testing project in C3 for a Windows10 desktop WPF application with WinAppDriver in Visual Studio.

Would it make more sense to switch to Winium? I know that the code is similar. is there a tool that would make it easier to convert code from Appium to Winium?

Note, eventually there will be a web module that will also have to work with the windows applications I am currently testing.

While using Appium I am having a problem Finding an Element that is a combobox and then selection a value from the combobox drop-down list. Any suggestions that does not include coordinates?

This is the main reason I am considering moving to Winium.

Please keep in mind I am relatively new to coding, so you may have to dumb-down your answer.

Thanks in advance